I've always been drawn to collages. I find them fascinating - the mix of the old and new, sleek and deconstructed. Design, photography, paint, typography all rolled into one. They're like puzzles to solve which can be very rewarding to create. In my past I had to solve problems creatively with many fine partners, collaborators or clients, but now I have to solve the visual puzzles for my harshest critic, me.
I worked as a graphic designer for many years, utilizing, art direction, copywriting, photography, typography. All skills I learned along the way. 
It was successful, but I always wanted to mix it all up, & create work that represented me. And here we are. 
I'm looking forward to showing you my art as it unfolds.
Please feel free to drop me a line in the contact page, and I'll be glad to keep you updated to new works, & events. Also if you'd like please follow on Instagram, you'll get a frequent look at my process.
Thanks Steve
Exhibitions & Events
City & Country Winery - Solo Exhibition  - February - June 2024
Cornerstone Music - ongoing exhibition - Calgary
Past Events
Calgary Guitar Show - October  2023 
Rebel Rebel - 10 artist exhibition  - Sparrow Artspace, Calgary, October 2022

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